Bingo Knight offers great promotions that cover all kinds of games on the website with an emphasis on slots, bingo and keno. There are 3 main types of bonuses on the casino and they are the SignUp Promotions, serving as a financial boost for newcomers, the Redeposit promotions that assist existing members with their gambling journey and the VIP Promotions, reserved for the most loyal and persistent players.

SignUp Promotions and Insurance Offer

The Welcome bonus package offer of the casino carries the name "SignUp Promotions". It is made out of several prizes. The first is a 75-dollar free chip that is delivered to every single new member. It is made up of a 25-dollar chip, affiliated with Bingo and a 50-dollar chip connected with Casino games. The main part of the welcome offer however is the 350 percent no requirements match bonus that is for Bingo, Slots and Keno alone. Regardless of the type of promotion it comes down to, there is an Insurance option available at all times, that allows for players to make a certain size of an installment and receive an insurance for cash back in return. 100 dollar equals a 100 percent insurance, 200 dollars - a 150 percent one, etc.

Redeposit and VIP Promotions

The Redeposit offers are two. One of them is a 300 percent match bonus that is reserved for Bingo games, Slot games and Keno ones. The other offer is a 500 percent match bonus for Bingo and Slot games. If a player becomes a VIP member, his experience in the casino will go through drastic improvements, meaning that all the number of the promotions, bonuses and gifts that are sent his or her way will increase. The two main promotions for VIP-s are the 350 percent match bonus for Bingo, Slots and Keno and the 600 percent match bonus for Bingo and Slots games. In order to become a VIP member, you need to send a request to customer support after which a response will be sent back.

Naturally, these aren't all the bonus offers which the website has to offer. Bingo Knight Casino makes sure to properly mark all the famous celebrations, provide appropriate prizes to its members and let them feel the special occasion within the website as well. Sign up in Bingo Knight Casino as soon as possible to gain access to its numerous financial comforts - an essential element of the pleasant gambling experience of every member.