Diamond Surprise Slots

Diamond Surprise Slots

We have all heard of diamonds being a girl's best friend, but what about a gamers best friend? They definitely are when it comes to the Diamond Surprise Slots, as it has got tons up for grabs in here. The diamond symbols are worth the most, as you may have imagined, so it’s time to get those into winning combinations. It’s easily done in here, so get ready to try it out now and see what you can do with it. We try to keep these reviews pretty short and to the point so that you can find out all of the necessary information, in the least amount of time.

Must know facts - The Diamond Surprise Slots

The Diamond Surprise Slots has been brought out and developed by none other than the Parlay game providers. If you have never heard of these guys before, then where exactly have you been hiding? These guys are top notch, so you can expect to find some pretty incredible graphics, symbols and features.

The first thing to know about the Diamond Surprise Slots is that there are 3 reels and only 1 payline. These are nice figures that open up a whole gateway of possibilities. As well as that, there is also a minimum amount of coins per line of 1, as well as a maximum amount of coins per line of 3. The minimum coin size comes in at 0.05 and has the ability to reach all of the way up to 0.5 which is amazing. The jackpot is also really good, coming in at 15,000x the bet. The RTP, which stands for the return to player rate, comes in at 96% which is epic because it’s the national average percentage. What could be better than that? Nothing!

Symbols, key features and more

There are plenty of awesome features readily available here at the Diamond Surprise Slots, and these include the likes of the wild symbols and multipliers. Winning incredible amounts has never been quite as easy as it is here, so chance out the Diamond Surprise Slots and see what you can get from it today. You’re going to fall in love with everything that the Diamond Surprise Slots has got to offer.


There are tons of amazing reasons to try out the Diamond Surprise Slots, so give it a go now and see what you can get from it. There are possibilities of winning big amounts in here, so don’t turn it down.